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Due to anger, Indians are throwing and boycotting Chinese products. If you are also going to do so read this blog before you do something. So in this blog we are going to discuss about the topic boycott China and it's products, it's cause and what should we do to boycott Chinese products and also Chinese apps. 

          So hey buddies! I am here with another interesting blog for you. Sorry for the late posting friends I was stuck in some work so was unable to write the blogs. After so many days I am back again with another blog and let me tell you that it's a tech information and Tech news blog. In which we are going to know about the cause "why INDIANS got angry on china", "what are the actions taken by the indian government and INDIANS also."

what was the matter and what made indians to boycott Chinese products? 
          China always supports Pakistan when it comes to indo-pak wars and topics. China always tried to help Pakistan as much as it could. As this went on China had grown a enmity inside towards India. It always took india as an enemy, but INDIA in deep down never took China in such a manner. It always tries to be the best neighbor of China and it's other neighboring countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc. 
          It has happened many times that india and china had small mutual enmity, but everything was sorted by the meeting of the presidents of each country. After the meetings everything goes perfect for sometime but after some time again some matters occur. In the same way this time everything was in good state until China's troops violently attacked india's bsf troops at LAC(Line Of Actual Control). 
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           On 15th June 2020, some troops of China violently attacked 20 bsf jawaans of india and killed them at the border (LAC) . This drove India's attention towards the China and the LAC border. Before this incident the border was silent and the mutual enmity was taken down due to the spread of  Noble Corona virus or COVID-19. China gave the world a deadly virus which was declared as a pandemic by the WHO. Still after the spread of corona virus china didn't sit silent and begun to start  the india China matter, that was taken down, again. 
          After knowing the incident Indians got angry on China and decided to boycott China products. The indian government hasn't stated anything about the boycott China act. Residents of India who got angry have taken the action to boycott chinese products and apps. This lead to the starting of the boycott Chinese products and apps act. Though the government hasn't officially declared such act. And due to privacy of the user's was unsafe in some Chinese apps, government has banned 60 Chinese apps including tiktok and helo in India on 29th June 2020(monday). 
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          Indians also supported this activity of the government. People posted on social medias about the act and made this a huge change between Indians. PM Narendra Modi went to the borders and motivated the soldiers with his speech. His speech at ladakh on 3rd July 2020(Friday) made the bsf soldiers more confident and motivated. He told them that the enemies has seen indian bsf jawaan's 'fire and fury'.
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What are the actions taken to boycott Chinese apps and products? 
          Officially no such act was declared by the indian government. The boycotting of China products started from public. People who bought Chinese products stopped doing so and started breaking and throwing Chinese products. the banning of Chinese apps gave an influence to the public to perform the act. Though the reason to ban the apps was different but this somehow influenced the boycott. People begun to prefer Indian products and apps instead of Chinese products and apps. 

What should we focus on now? what can we do and what are the mistakes that we are making?
          Firstly we should focus on being self-dependent (independent) in the field of manufacturing products. If India becomes independent in providing the products and apps to the residents then the boycotting of Chinese products and apps will not affect India in a single way or else India may face shortage of products until new producer/ manufacturer comes. 
          The future of India depends upon it's youth and we have to take India to the top pest ranking in the world. If the youth tries to perform and make india independent in manufacturing it's products, then it's possible for us to achieve the goal. For this we need to make the next generation skilled, well-educated, and hard working. This can be done by improving our education system, making studies available for everyone and training our youth for the best. 
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          The biggest mistake that we are making now is throwing and destroying Chinese products that we have and paid for. Everyone must understand that we have paid for the product and it's our's now. China, it's economy nothing will be effected with such work. Only our's will be affected. Boycott doesn't mean to destroy anything or throw anything that we have bought. It simply means trying not to buy any more products. It means to avoid to use Chinese apps. Destroying and throwing the products will never affect anything instead of your money. 
          Recently a video of a person went viral on sochial media who threw his tv, which was a made in china model, from the 2nd floor of a building and people started to break it fully. If you are doing such activities please stop such activities. If you don't want to use chinese products then give the products to any one who is in need of that thing. You have already paid china for the product and by throwing you will not be able to reduce the gdp of china. If you want to do so then try to avoid buying chinese products and if you have bought any product then use it don't waste it. If you don't want to use the chinese product please donate it to someone who is needs it the most and can't afford it. 
          'Boycotting chinese products' , 'make in india' are not just small acts, we have to toil for it, develop ideas for it, take them to work, have to work hard, help our friends, brothers and sisters, and many more stuff to do. These acts can never be done in 4 or 5 years, instead these are just the seeds we are going to sow and will result after some years or to the next generation as a great and huge tree. This will lead india to grow faster in the next some years. 
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      On a serious note I request all my readers, my brothers and sisters please friends don't perform such activities . Cause it gonna cost us more than it will cost to china, if you, me, we all want to do something about this then we have to be united and make india independent in manufacturing and to produce the products in a lower price than china provides so that everyone can afford our products and this will lead india being independent in manufacturing and producing the products that it's residents need and use. 

      That's it guys, thanks for reading and supporting our blogs. Keep supporting us and giving love to us. See you soon in another interesting blog till then take care guys good bye👋. 

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